• You are going to make a major sales presentation and it’s important that you nail it.
  • You’re developing how your speech or presentation should be structured, and you’re wondering if there is a more effective way.
  • You’re establishing your image or brand, and you need an objective assessment.

Think Jim Zalud.

Whenever you are communicating—about your product or yourself—having a professional coach can make all the difference. Jim Zalud will help you enhance your presentation, to make you better than you even thought possible.

Memory and Listening Skills

Have you ever met people and, within minutes, forgotten their names? Can’t remember a license plate, phone number or grocery list? Over age 50 and forgetful?

Jim Zalud will help you improve your memory—immediately!

You will learn how to remember 10 names after one meeting. You will remember 10 objects—in order, reverse order or randomly—after one glance. You will learn how to memorize a 10 digit number in seconds, as well as how to give a speech without any notes. If you are serious about improving your memory, Jim can help you.

Sales Training

A New Approach to Selling—Today’s salesperson has to come equipped with sales principles and an understanding of non-verbal communication.

Jim Zalud will give you a basic understanding of what it takes to be better in sales. You will not only learn how to develop prospects, you’ll learn how to know if you are talking to the right person—and know if the right person is telling you the truth. You will learn how to look your best before leaving the house and be liked in 4 seconds. This seminar will teach you where to stand and sit to better your chances of success. You also will learn how to express and read body language messages that will help you handle objections and close deals.