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Jim Zalud

Jim Zalud is a 30-year teacher of verbal, non-verbal, and mnemonic skills. Jim has spoken to police departments, colleges, and corporations throughout America. He has completed Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Training, advanced Forensic Interviewing Training, and is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. He is also the Body Language Expert for the ABC Affiliate WTVO TV-17 in Rockford, Illinois. Jim is associated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and The Autism Society.


Jim can customize any presentation for any audience. Don’t see an event you can attend, or if you would like to book a class, or even customize one, contact Jim directly to set it up.



Keynote Speaker

A Jim Zalud presentation keeps you entertained and enlightened.

Whether the topic is Body Language to understand what you and others are communicating or Sales Techniques that can move you up to the top of the pack, Jim energizes the audience and keeps you listening…and thinking. He consistently receives high marks and praise from attendees because of his subject knowledge and his ability to communicate and connect with people.

Your audience will be talking about this speech long after the meeting. You’ll look good when you book Jim Zalud. He will keep your group engaged and on their toes, while they are learning new insights.

Perfect events for Jim Zalud

• Luncheon or dinner speaker
• Motivational speaker for training program
• Community group meeting speaker
• Emcee or headliner

Customized topics are available

Some of Jim’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

Body Language for Successful Sales

Understanding and applying the nuances of non-verbal communication (body language) will help you to read and respond to people for better sales performance.

Perfect presentation for:

• Chamber of Commerce
• Car Sales
• Retail Sales
• Insurance Sales & Agents
• Account & Relationship Managers
• Anyone looking to increase sales performance

Danger, Daggers, & Disquises

In a world filled with escalating danger, and concealed carry, know when to listen to your gut, and how you eyes can spot characters and concealed carry.

Perfect presentation for:

• Corporations concerned about safety
• Law Enforcement
• Sales crews with exposure to public
• Retail companies
• Security providers
• Anyone who is concerned about safety

The Tsunami Called Autism

An awareness of the rise of people being added to the autism spectrum, and a call to action, for all 1st responders, and everybody else too.

Perfect presentation for:

• Health care providers
• Educational organizations & Special Ed Teachers
• Public Service Providers (FD, PD, Paramedics, etc.)
• Security providers
• Anyone who is concerned about autism awareness




Autism for First Responders and You Book Cover

Autism for First Responders and YOU

Jim Zalud and Ann Bumbak teamed up to create ‘Autism for First Responders and You’.  This excellent resource for police, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, and anyone who is called upon to intervene in an Autism crisis situation will appreciate Jim and Ann’s fresh outlook.



Law Enforcement Seminars


From Community Policing to learning the mechanics of body language, and how to spot concealed carry, Jim’s Law Enforcement Seminars are entertaining, and possibly life saving.  For a full list of Law Enforcement Seminars please click here.

Business Executive Seminars


From dealing with Millenials, to using body language to close more sales, Jim has a course that will prove invaluable to your business!  Click Here For A Full List Of Seminars



You don’t need to wait until you can attend one of his life changing events.  Jim has frequent webinar training classes that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home.  Click here for a full list of webinars.



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